Duct Tape Rolls - Black, 4.8cm x 30M

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Duct Tape - The proper braided stuff!

30 meter roll, 4.8 cm wide.

We have 2 colors of Duct Tape available in stock, "Silver Grey" and "Black" You can choose your colour when checking out.

Use it for everything and everywhere. From Do-It-Yourself projects, arts and crafts, basic home repairs, patching work, reinforcing materials, packing, and taping things together, you name it.

Strong Adhesive For Basic Repairs: Our versatile multi-use duct tape sticks to a wide variety of surfaces and irregular shaped objects. With good stretch to fit tightly around bends, corners, and curves. Our tape’s strong adhesive strength is just what you need to patch, bundle, and repair anything fast. It's perfect for temporary repairs and everyday fix-it needs.

Waterproof: This Multi-Purpose tape holds up in humid and wet conditions, giving you enough confidence that it will remain stuck upon application without any curling. Trusted for indoor and outdoor use.

Tear By Hand: Our utility duct tapes are easy to tear by hand both vertically and horizontally. Take it with you while you travel or camping.

Material: No glue residue
Colour: Black or Silver
Size: 30 m x 4.8 cm (L x W)