Masking Tape - 25mm x 50 m

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Masking Tape, 50 meter roll, 2.5cm wide

Made of quality crepe paper with a pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive for easy placement. NOTE: Once removed from the package, store it in a cool dark place such as a drawer or closet to maximize life longevity.

Specially designed adhesive to make the masking tape just the right viscosity! Tear off effortlessly by hand without damaging the surface or leaving a sticky residue.

Masking tape makes life easier for drafting, painting, labeling, arts and crafts, packing, or any variety of projects. Ideal for use as drawing tape or painter's tape, for arts and crafts, artist paper tape, canvas tape and framing tape, plus more.

It can stick to a wide variety of surfaces but is best used on walls, wood, plastic, glass, stainless steel, paper, and cardboard. Make sure that the surface is dry, clean, and oil-free before using the tape to ensure stickiness.

Material: Paper, Rubber
Colour: White
Size: 50 m x 25 mm (L x W)